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Karosserie Halter Verlängerungsset

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numéro 1
Karosserie Halter Verlängerungsset

7,69 €*

This newly-designed body mount extension piece and snap pin set allows you to extend body mounts on your RC model car. They are intended to be used on those body posts which have been shortened for use with other bodies. They are compatible with a wide range of major Tamiya touring car and M-Chassis models.

Contains 5.5mm Body Mount Extension x4, 6mm and 7mm Snap Pins x4

Usable with 5.5-6mm diameter body mounts.

Compatible with TT-01, TT-02, TA05, TA06, TB-03, TB-04, XV-01, FF-03, M-05 and M-06 chassis body mounts.